Tribute has agreed in principle to enter into a Purchase and Sale Agreement with the partners of Tandem Solar Inc. to purchase and construct its first revenue-generating 250 kW solar facility, located in Bastard Township, in Eastern Ontario. The facility has a signed 20 year power purchase agreement with the OPA, which should be grid connected in 2014. Tribute is planning to establish Tribute Solar Solutions Inc. and a related limited partnership into which it will purchase or develop additional solar projects as they become available through future OPA procurements of approximately 100 MW annually. In addition to the 250 kW solar facility described above, Tribute has made an offer to purchase 20 additional early development stage solar projects, for which FIT applications have been submitted to the OPA. These deals have not yet been completed and Tribute is awaiting the results of the recently announced Ontario provincial election prior to completing the above-noted transactions.